Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homecoming Havoc

Ah, the parties of youth. And the craziness of getting them out the door. Girly left for her homecoming dance a few hours ago. I've been on the couch recovering from the whirlwind preparations. Even though I asked her to get everything prepared a day in advance, we still had all the last minute OMGs. Her pantyhose had a run in them. The black bra she needed for her dress was nowhere to be found. The eye shadow is MIA.

So we ran to WalMart, my second home, to gather all the supplies. We got back just in time to throw everything on and slap on some makeup. Then, she remembered that she needed to have her school i.d. with her. After much searching, we located that in her back pack, where it is supposed to be anyway, and the first place she was supposed to look. Ugh!

I have a little time to myself before curfew arrives and she (better!) comes home. Yah!

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Smart Cents Mom said...

My daughter had her homecoming dance last weekend too! Lots of drama. Mainly it was shoe drama. She had picked out a pair of new high heels with tiny little heels. I had warned her to test out the shoes and that they were really too high. Last minute she decided her feet hurt in the new shoes. We found a back up pair for her to take. She ended up wearing the new pair but oh the drama!