Friday, September 25, 2009

Saturday Social for 9/26

The topic of today's Saturday Social is "What is your teen's favorite movie and why?"

Girly Girl's favorite movie is "District 9" because (in her words:)
"The commercials made me a bit worried about how the movie was going to be. I was worried that it would just make me confused like "Cloverfeild." But, I took a chance and it absolutely blew my mind. At the beginning it starts by giving you small bits of information. Piece by piece the story slowly came together and it actually made sense instead of just leaving you in the dark. District 9 shows how people are scared of things that they don't understand. It shows how stubborn people are to accept what things are. Instead off trying to understand it, they try to control it. If they can't control it, they kill it. They don't give a second thought about its humanity. Try picturing a normal person put in the place of a tortured and beaten alien. It's horrid and sad how people he once knew and loved immediately turn on him and trying to kill him. THAT'S why I loved District 9. It was deep and chaotic and it left you cheering on the character every step of the way, regardless of his changes. It honestly left us on the edge of our seats as it stepped ever closer to the climax. I would watch that movie everyday if I had the chance. "

Well there you have it, folks! My husband took Girly to see the movie at the theater. It sounds pretty good. I might have to rent this one.

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