Saturday, September 5, 2009

Welcome to The Mom Union

Thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce my new blog, The Mom Union. This blog is geared towards moms of teens and tweens, but there will be the occasional child and mom stuff too. I figure many of you have younger children and since this is a new blog, I don't want to miss out on any PR opportunity.

I enter sweeps everyday and I see a lot of innovative and clever products designed for pregnant women, breast-feeding women, and small children. I think those products are great and the companies that sponsor the giveaways are very kind. However, I believe that teens, tweens and their parents could use more representation in the form of reviews and contests appropriate to our group as a whole. Some available items which appeal to our children and us "seasoned" moms, based on what I've seen while sweeping are stationary, jewelry, bags and totes, electronics, gadgets and gift cards. Please enter the polls on the left sidebar so I can get a rough estimate of your children's ages and products you'd like to see reviewed.

My daily blogs will focus on these drama-filled days of teenhood and the mothers who suffer through it. Please contribute any hints, tips, solutions or need for advise. The weekly posts will actually run for 2 weeks. The first week will be a presentation of facts and requests for comments. The next week will be a summation of the comments. Here's a breakdown of the week:
1. Manic Monday: Back to school; helping your child organize their school projects; etc.
2. Total Drama Tuesdays: Breakups & Breakdowns; fighting with friends; etc.
3. "What's That?" Wednesdays: Trends for teens & tweens; teen speak
4. Teen Tech Thursdays: Gadgets; social sites; etc.
5. Finally Friday: Weekend plans; curfews; suggestions for activities
6. Saturday Social: Wide range of topics dealing with teen health, safety, drinking, driving, etc.
7. Suddenly Sunday: Avoiding last minute issues; back on track for the school week, etc.

To increase my chances to bring you products, I need numbers. It's just a fact of "life" for blogs. So this is what I need from you:
1. Please fave me to social sites.
2. Follow my feed or subscribe via email.
3. Add my buttons to your sidebar. The Early Recruitment Bonus button will only be available to "grab" for a short time. Once it's down, it's gone. Those who have the Early Recruitment Bonus button will receive an extra entry for all my contests through the end of the year. This will give you, my loyal supporters, a higher chance of winning. Please pass on this info to your friends.
4. Take the polls on the left sidebar so I can provide items specific to your needs.
5. Tweet about The Mom Union with a @momunion tag. I'll note tweeters for an extra entry in contests thru the end of the year.

I'd like to thank you for your support and I look forward to working with you to make these drama filled years of teenhood a little easier to handle.

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