Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stomping The Invisible Brake

OMG! My baby is driving, or rather, trying to drive. I'm trying not to have a heart attack.

Riding shotgun with a new driver at the wheel can be terrifying and entertaining. But mostly terrifying. Remember the invisible brake pedal your parents used to stomp on? It's in my car now. I haven't needed to use it much. But it gives me something to do when objects like curbs, mailboxes or trees jump in front of our car.

Girlie is just beginning her training. She got her driver's permit yesterday and couldn't wait to get behind the wheel. We've traveled around the block a few times and she improves on every round. I didn't realize how much finesse is needed to operate the gas and break pedals smoothly. I alternate between being blown into the seat by G-Force accelerations, to whip lash inducing stops. Each is followed by a hundred exclamations of "Sorry Mom!"

Right now, I'm satisfied if we stay on the pavement.

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